Application guidance


 Application qualifications Individuals who have completed senior high schools or the equivalent (education 12 years or more) in own country.
 Course 2 years Course (April Student)
1.5 years Course (October Student)
 Application period 2 years Course (April Student) : September 1st to the end of October
1.5 years Course (October Student) : April 1st to the end of May
 Application should be
   sent to
Kyushu Surveying Technical College
7-36-80 Tatsuda,Kitaku,Kumamoto-shi,861-8006,Japan
TEL (81)96-338-7417  FAX (81)96-338-7468
 Application fee \30,000. - (includes tax)
 Selection system After the application document is examined, we interview the applicant.

■Required Documentation

 Applicant 1. Application form (prescribed by our school) -> pdf word
2. Purpose of application (prescribed by our school) -> pdf word
3. Diploma or graduation certificate issued by the last school
4. Transcript issued by the last school
5. 5 photographs (3cm×4cm, taken within 3 months)
6. Copy of passport (when the applicant has)
7. Studying Japanese certificate (150 hours at least)
8. Copy of JLPT or BJT score (when the applicant has)
9. Oath (prescribed by our school) -> pdf word
 Guarantor Parents or relatives
1. Oath for payment of expenses (prescribed by our school) -> pdf
2. Document of bank account balance in the name of guarantor
  (*The balance that corresponds to 1.5 million yen or more is necessary.)
3. Occupation document issued the company or business permit issued by
  some public organization.
4. Document to prove relationship with the applicant.
5. Others (depend on the country)

*Those documents required differ each country. Please ask to our school.

■Tuition & Fees

Course Entrance fee Tuition Others(Overhead)
2 years Course \ 100,000. \ 1,100,000. \ 100,000.
1.5 years Course \ 100,000. \ 825,000. \ 75,000.
            * Annual tuition \ 550,000.   Annual others \ 50,000.

■Schedule to entering a school

1. You submit all required documents to our school within the due date. The documents are checked,
  and we apply to Fukuoka Immigration for you.
2. When we receive your eligibility (visa) from Fukuoka Immigration, we contact the applicants.
  So you must remit the tuition and fees to our school's bank account immediately.
3. After payment is confirmed, we send the eligibility and the entrance permit of this college to the applicants.
4. The applicant applies to Japanese Embassy for the visa with the eligibility and the passport, etc.
5. After you get visa, reserve the ticket of the airplane, and inform the date of entering Japan to our

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